Cooking, Drinking and Writing

I love to cook. When 2 p.m. rolls around I think about my nightly menu. What starch (and I always have starch!), which greens, and meat? It’s not a question of having meat, it’s pork chops, scallops, chicken thighs, flank steak, salami and other weekly meat sale items.

Craft beer has taken me over. Blame it on my husband or the four year living in Colorado, but I am a geek for real, awesome, flavorful freedom brews. Though that passion has led me astray from wine, but I’m still learning and drinking my favs: Calif. Chards, Malbecs, heavy Zin and always tiny, tiny bubbles.

And writing, I’ve known I wanted to do this since the eighth grade. It was a writing class where all we did was learn the proper usage of predicates, adverbs, onomatopoeia and all things language. I’ve carried that through in the newsroom, PR desk and corporate communications. But I always come back to talking about, spreading the good word and waxing poetic on the food I try, restaurants I love and beers that knock me off my stool.

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