On Pinterest!

You may be asking, “Micki/Gourmet Glee, where did you disappear to?” I’m still here, but shamefully have not dedicated any time to food blogging… on this blog any way. Where I have been writing and posting about food is:

On Pinterest! http://pinterest.com/gourmetglee/gourmet-glee/

On Twitter! http://twitter.com/gourmetglee

On the MN Food Bloggers Website! http://www.onsugar.com/user/gourmetglee

I’ll get back on the Gourmet Glee blog bandwagon soon enough (having Internet at home is currently a luxury!) and plan to give some updates on:

  • Why I miss beer!
  • Small world food stories
  • An amazing meal in Brooklyn
  • Quinoa and why it rocks
  • Inspirations from a new-to-me kitchen

Thanks for reading! Micki


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