Baking a Jucy Lucy Cookie?

Photo from: The Wicked (awesome) Whisk Blog

Photo from: The Picky Palate Blog

If you often read my Twitter feed or noticed my links on the right, you know I am a big Jucy Lucy fan. (Jucy Lucy: Noun, hamburger with molten cheese in the middle. A Minneapolis creation from Matt’s Bar: Fear the cheese.)

When my husband alerted me to the Picky Eater’s blog and her stuffed cookies, I couldn’t help but make the link. This awesome baker, Picky Palate author Jenny, has given birth to a whole new way of making cookies!

The Picky Palate shares her recipes for Brownie-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies and fellow food blogger The Recipe Girl adds her own recipe to the mix: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Stuffed with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! YUM!

I’ve baked a Cookie Cake before (see Gourmet Glee blog post “Goodness on Top of Goodness”), but this is a fabulous new twist on the all-American cookie!

Photo from: The Recipe Girl Blog

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have a restaurant that focused only on the Jucy Lucy idea? Varying meats for burgers, cheese varieties abound and then finish off the meal with an array of stuffed cookies! (I’m copy-righting this right now, DO NOT STEAL MY IDEA!)

I’m planning on baking (even at this high altitude) these recipes soon. Maybe I’ll even think up a different stuffing, hmmm…

Chocolate Chip Cookies stuffed with Girl Scout cookies?

Peanut Butter Cookies stuffed with caramel apples?

Sugar Cookies stuffed with Sour Patch Kids candies?

What would your cookie-stuffed creation wish list include?


3 thoughts on “Baking a Jucy Lucy Cookie?

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  2. Love the jucy lucy restaurant idea!

    A couple other excellent looking cookies stuffed with cookies:
    – Chocolate stuffed with chocolate chip:
    – Chocolate chip stuffed with oreo:
    – Another version of chocolate chip stuffed with brownie:
    – Peanut butter stuffed with nutella:
    – Chocolate chip stuffed with cream cheese:
    – Peanut butter stuffed with peanut butter:

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