GABF Guides Galore

Following #GABF on Twitter for the past week has produced a plethora of “Surviving GABF” and “GABF Guides.”

There’s advice for planning your route inside the Convention Center, hitting up the meet-the-brewer events around town and age old “how to get rid of that hangover” tips.

MetroMix Denver Beer Guide 2010: “Sure, you can drink it, but why not have your beer and eat it too? The place: Sweet Action, the grub: Beer-inspired ice cream. The place: Euclid Hall, the grub: Car bomb float.”

Six Tips from Bella Online – Voice of Women: “A hybrid electric bus fleet serves the public as the FREE Mall Ride that runs for a mile stretch along the 16th Street Mall.”

Supplemental Survival Guide: “Pay attention to what happens at the porta-potties. Believe it or not, this is one of the most amazing things I have witnessed at the GABF.”

Avery Brewing Co. List of Events: “At Star Bar – Sours and Shotguns. Friday, September 17th from 11PM ’til Close. A collection of sour beers from some of Colorado’s top craft brewers, including our Altar Boy Barrel-Aged Sour Ale.”

BeerAdvocate’s Guide: “Don’t booth camp. Get your sample and get the hell out of the way! There are thousands of other people around you trying to get a beer too.”’s definitive 2010 Great American Beer Festival survival guide: “They may look cheesy, but pretzel necklaces are by and far the best thing you can bring to the festival besides your ID.  A pretzel can help stave off the munchies and clean your palate in between beer tastings.”

New York Ale Project GABF Tips: “Don’t be a dickbag: This is crucial. Beer festivals (surprise surprise) tend to draw a ton of beer geeks. These people tend to be extremely friendly and in a great mood, since they’re surrounded by so much of their lifeblood. They are also buzzed and happy, but also know their own limits.”

Hop Press Surviving GABF: “Drink lots of water. Lots. We’re a mile high in the sky here. It’s extremely dry. If you don’t touch a drop of alcohol, you should still be drinking about 8 pints of water a day, if not more. Drink a lot of water. A lot.”

Volunteering for my second year at the GABF, I plan to enjoy the brews, as always, but even more this year I hope to meet some awesome people. Already I’m tweeting to folks whose real names I have no clue and making plans to meet up.

It’s really cool the way craft beer followers connect and treat one another with respect and excitement. There’s no snobbery. We don’t look down on you for liking a Pils. And even when you’ve had too much and start to share TMI, we’re there to pick you up and get you home.

I look forward to chatting/meeting/tweeting and running into all of you! You can catch up with me @GourmetGlee or in the Convention Center Thursday night and Saturday daytime.

P.S. I’m Micki, nice to (almost) meet you!


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