Passing the Pestle

My biggest foodie fan and an admirable cook left this world on Feb. 21, 2010. He was my best friend, a curious soul and one of my favorite beings on earth.

He would have scolded me for being away so long from my blogging. Living on the opposite side of the globe, this space was a place he could check up on what I was indulging in. He would comment, send me links after reading my posts and encourage me to try something new next time. Most often something daring and scary, but worth it.

That’s where I’m headed now. Back in this cooking, writing and sharing it with others—all without him.

With his trusty mortar and pestle providing me confidencenow in my kitchen as a gift from his mother—I feel he’s with me at every drop of an herb, swirl of the whisk and sprinkle of salt. (Although he swore I ate more salt than anyone he ever knew.)

Armed with my apron and a hungry husband, I’m returning to find my “Gourmet Glee” in honor of you, my friend. Rest in peace, with hands full of amazing food.


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