Tweeting With Glee

did you know i’m on twitter?

@GourmetGlee is my new handle on Twitter. I really am getting addicted to how connected I can be with food writers, cooking magazines, recipe Web sites and people who adore food/beer/wine/flourless chocolate torte with raspberry coulis! Recent intriguing tweets from around the cyber-sphere:

From Denver foodies speak out about their fav spots
5280 Magazine’s Amanda Faison highlights Root Down, Elway’s chef highlights Vesta Dipping Grill and Panzano’s lead kitchen hand taps Osteria Marco. Each of these three spots exemplify why Denver’s food scene is cutting edge without without being presumptuous.

Food & Wine’s blog “Tasting Room” on Dogfish Head’s Peruvian Chicha Brew
Dane and I tried this at the Great American Beer Festival last month. Talk about a redefining brewski! Would you be willing to drink a beer knowing that someone spit in it?

Cafe Society Blog: Anthony ‘No Reservations’ Bourdain lectures in Denver Nov. 18
Anthony Bourdain comes to Denver for a lecture on Wednesday, November 18 at the Temple Buell Theatre. Tickets start at $35 each and are on sale now.

Martha Stewart made Giant Cheese Popovers this past weekend…who knew?
Which reminds me, I need a popover pan. I love, love, love these eggy delicacies that my family often served at Thanksgiving! Here’s her recipe.

Gourmet Magazine is well-done. Literally.

Leaving a long legacy as a personable and creative editor is Ruth Reichl — also the former New York Times restaurant critic. She has been pretty honest via Twitter recently with how hard the news is hitting her: Gourmet Magazine is ceasing publication. At the airport this morning I had to buy the last-ever issue. Sad and shocking for the foodie world.

Related Gourmet news: Reichl is doing “Gourmet TV” and the question “What does the closing of Gourmet mean for the food scene?” is addressed.

More related TV food news: “Fine Living Network” will become the “Cooking Channel” in 2010.

Other notable people/entities to follow on Twitter:



Lastly, a worthy “tweet” to share from Denveater:

Finally opened that jar of pickles that’ve been sitting in gin for 2 mos. The gin-flavored pickle’s foul, but the pickle-flavored gin’s AOK.


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