GABF: Thursday Night

Volunteering in the Brew Crew: One for you, one for me. 

Dane & I were stationed with Diamond Knot Brewing Company. I loved their blonde ale, Dane dug the Shipwreck XXXIPA. Here he’s with co-owner and founder Brian Sollenberger.


Madison, WI’s Great Dane Brewing Company got a visit from the greatest Dane there is!

A pilgrimage to Dogfish Head. You shoulda saw the line of people
waiting to taste their outta-the-box beers and of course, shake Sam’s hand.

Dogfish Head taps.

The reason why we came here: Sam and his awesome beers! (Dane’s hero!)

We’re headed back for more this Saturday. The plan: weiss, wheat and totally-out-there brews. And handing out the GourmetGlee business card!

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