Food in Film: "Simply Irresistible"

gourmet food + love = magic

In addition to playing with food in the kitchen, I’m a big fan of watching chef movies and food-themed flicks. One such movie is the 1999 romantic comedy “Simply Irresistible”.

Although it is incredibly predictable and at the same time confusing where the story line comes from, I love watching the passionate cooking and that the main theme is gourmet food + love = magic.

Hint: Don’t expect the husband to sit through the whole movie without eye-rolling and groaning at the corny situations and phrases, “This food is the perfect poem I never wrote”.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character goes on a riff of words to describe “delicious”.

My other favorite foodie movies: “Woman on Top”, “Chocolat”, “Spanglish” and “Ratatouille”. The TV series “Kitchen Confidential” with Bradley Cooper is also awesome! (Available here on

And some notable films with fun food phrases and motifs: the song ‘Be Our Guest’ from “Beauty and the Beast”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, the prison garlic cutting in “Goodfellas “, it’s a bundt cake in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “French Kiss” as Meg Ryan yells out ‘Lactose intolerant!’ and another Meg Ryan one, “When Harry Met Sally” with the Pastrami sandwich orgasm and pecan pie playfulness.

I’m definitely going to see “Julie & Julia” this August when it comes out in theaters, too! In the trailer the guy says, “Well, write a blog about cooking.” ABSOLUTELY!

What’s your favorite food-related flick?

7 thoughts on “Food in Film: "Simply Irresistible"

  1. I understand why you did not mention "Supersize Me," since only McDonald french fries could be considered as gourmet. But, I'd like to nominate "Beer Fest," for its thorough analysis of a great beverage that can really liven a number of meals. Great work on the site!Steve

  2. I second Steve's nomination. And I know you let me watch the Rockies game after "Simply Irritating", but I think I should get two Netflix pics in a row as well.-Daner

  3. My faves are:Dinner Rush – Setting is in modern times in NY Italian restaurant transitioning from traditional/orthodox Italian to modern Italian cuisine with the passing of the ownership from father to son.Chef In Love – Setting is mid-20th century, in a European countryside (France?). Hero is an old bearded chef with a passion for cooking and women. Yess…And the recent Holleywood film "No Reservations" is good too (at least the gastronome aspect, don't expect much from the drama/romance part). Others worth mentioning are "Big Night", "Babette's Feast", and "Bella". A large part of the movie Bella is in the kitchen/restaurant, however, my favorite part is the drama. Sorry, this turned out to be a long post…Dan S.

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