What to name my food blog?

For awhile now I’ve planned to put my passion for food and cooking into writing and onto cyberspace. As an educated journalist and poet, picking a name for the blog has been the daunting task.

Among other brainstorms, these were several blog title options:

Fashion for Taste Buds
The Often Eatery
Pulp Perfection
From Roots
My Humble Kitchen
Bacon Anything
Midwest Caviar
Filet & Hotdish

Ultimately I chose Gourmet Glee to reflect what I feel when cooking: it’s a rush of happiness and release with a yearning to really get my hands dirty in an attempt to go gourmet. You’ll see photos of my dinners, a few made-up and improv recipes and links, stories, opinions of the food world. Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Micki


One thought on “What to name my food blog?

  1. Good choice of name Mick!! I'm glad you finally made this blog. I'll be visiting often! Hope you and Daner are well!Dan

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